• Development of in situ management workplans for crop wild relatives (CWR) and landrace conservation.
  • Recommendation of sites suited to the establishment of genetic reserves for selected model crops (Avena, Beta, Brassica, Prunus).
  • Description of the organisational, legal and technical framework conditions for genetic reserves in the project partner countries.
  • Development of procedures required to establish multi-CWR-species sites to allow maximum use of the recommended sites.
  • Development of technical guidelines and quality standards for genetic reserves.
  • Development of data base tools required for population management and monitoring and integration of these tools in existing information systems.
  • Finally and most important, elaboration of a methodology for generation of the aforementioned strategies based on existing generic methodologies and experiences extracted from the four crop and landrace studies.
  • The promotion of the development of National CWR and landrace conservation strategies within the EU member states as components of an integrated EU strategy is the overarching goal of this project.