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Data sources

Environmental data

Environmental data sources

Environmental data for use in ecogeographic diversity analyses include: climate, soil type, geological substrate, habitat type, altitudinal range and land use. Some useful sources of environmental data include:



In addition, some countries have built centralized data portals for environmental data (e.g., the French Institute for the Environment –

Characterization and evaluation (C+E) data

C+E data associated with ex situ accessions, where available, can be obtained by searching online databases (e.g., the European Central Crop Databases – ECCDBs) for passport data associated with individual accessions, or by contacting individual gene banks. Information may also be obtained by consulting the available literature on the target taxon—for example, there may be published or grey literature as a result of ecological studies of the taxon or of associated taxa that occur in the same habitats. 

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