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Data sources


The data sources pages are intended to provide general guidance on accessing the data needed during the genetic reserve selection process and can be used as a starting point for collation of data for a CWR conservation strategy. Please note that the list of data sources is not exhaustive—only a selection of key resources are listed. Further, this resource has been set up in the context of the EU-funded AEGRO project; therefore, many of the data sources listed lean towards CWR conservation strategy planning in a European context.

The data sources are organized in four categories. These are listed below with an indication of their use in the genetic reserve identification process.

  1. Taxonomic data [for selection of target taxa]
    • Crop gene pool taxon delineation
    • Degree of relatedness to crop taxon
  2. Distribution data [for selection of target taxa based on distribution range and ecogeographic diversity analysis]
    • Geographical taxon delineation
    • Taxon distribution
  3. Conservation data [for selection of target taxa and sites]
    • Threat status
    • Legal data: conventions
    • Legal data: protected areas
    • Political data: administrative divisions
  4. Environmental data [for ecogeographic diversity analysis, leading to selection of target populations]
    • Habitat, geological, topographical, climatic, soil and land use data
    • Ex situ characterization and evaluation data

Follow the links above to access the data sources.

Note that population data are not included here, since the little population level data that exist tend to be found in grey literature.

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