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Crop gene pool methodology

Step 1: Taxon delineation


The starting point for a crop gene pool CWR conservation strategy is a list of target taxa; therefore, for the target crop gene pool it is necessary to:

  • Generate a list of taxa that occur in the crop gene pool.
  • Generate a list of taxa that occur within the defined geographic range of the conservation strategy (i.e., national, regional or global).

At this stage, it is necessary to adopt an accepted taxonomy to form the basis of the taxon list and the subsequent conservation strategy.  The list of taxa should show the accepted taxon name and authority and list primary synonyms with authorities. This is important because different information systems use different accepted taxonomies; therefore, when searching for information on a specific taxon it could be possible to miss important information if synonymy is not taken into account.

Step 1 actions  list the taxa in the crop gene pool

  1. Produce a list of all taxa within the crop gene pool, including both accepted names and synonyms with authorities. Although not all the taxa in the gene pool will necessarily be immediately included in the CWR conservation strategy, the complete list of taxa provides a reference point for future potential conservation actions of lower priority taxa.  To achieve this, consult available online information sources and/or consult the literature (monographs, crop-specific studies etc.).
  2. List the taxa that occur within the geographic range of the CWR conservation strategy.  Several online data sources can be consulted to provide information on the distribution of the taxa. However, good starting points are the Crop Wild Relative Catalogue for Europe and the Mediterranean, accessible via the Crop Wild Relative Information System (CWRIS and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF For advice on how to use CWRIS, GBIF and other online information sources, visit the data sources web page. For national-level data, the same data sources can be consulted, as well as national Floras and databases, as applicable.  To access these online data sources and to access further information on other sources of national-level data, follow the link to the data sources page.

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