WP02: Development of national CWR and landrace strategies for case study taxa

This work package will adapt the existing generalised methodologies for implementation by the four Crop Case Studies. While the actual implementation of the protocols will be the responsibility of the Crop Case Study work packages, this work package will help them identify CWR data types and sources, and propose a methodology for generation of a National and European CWR Strategy as it might be applied for the Crop Case Studies. This work package will lead a two day workshop at the University of Birmingham for those implementing the Crop Case Studies in the application of in situ conservation protocols for the Case Study taxa and during which appropriate methodologies will be agreed. The following subjects will be addressed: development of a National CWR Strategy, CWR in situ data sources and acquisition, ecogeography, application of GIS techniques to site selection, practical site management and monitoring, and use of in situ conserved CWR. To help ensure maximum effectiveness of the Crop Case Studies, this work package will provide helpdesk back-up to Crop Case Study staff throughout the project. The work package leader will also monitor and periodically review the application of the National CWR Strategy for the in situ CWR Crop Case Studies.

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